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I've been wowed by CintaNotes, the simplistic note taker which filters down your list of notes very fast with a "find as you type" searchbox.

"Find as you type" searching means you can try many different search terms without pressing Enter and waiting 5 secs to get a list of results.

Any more note taking web apps or software that supports a similar fast search feature?

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ResophNotes looks pretty good, although I just started using it recently myself.

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ResohpNotes also syncs with Simplenote. It is somewhat based on OSX's NVAlt. –  molgar Oct 19 '11 at 11:25

Evernote is a great solution for taking notes, and the search feature in the application version of Evernote works fine for this purpose.

Not so sure about the web version but it should have this feature as well. (Evernote's free with ad-support and 20 MB upload every month, although you could pay for no-ads and 500MB upload/month.

The ads do not obstruct your view or your note-taking process though.)

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Simplenote has this capability too.

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I love Microsoft OneNote, it is awesome and has a number of features that make it great...it does not however, have the instant search feature you are looking for, but it offers image text support, and when you type a query and press enter, the search results are there instantaneously.

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