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I've heard that the stock cooler the Intel Core-i5 750 comes with is not very efficient. What temperatures are normal under regular operating conditions and under full load for this type of CPU?

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I have the i5 and I like to keep it around 32 to 35 idle and roughly 55 to 60 max when full load.

The official statement is the max temp is 72 C

Toms Hardware has a good guide for cooling with air, you might check that out for better cooling.

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Hi it depends on the cooler you use. My experience with the box cooler ( the one i got with the cpu box) is 42 celsius idle and up to 72 celsius in full load. I personally consider the 72 a little bit high so i will be bying a better cooler.

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My temperatures are nearly identical. – JBirch Aug 29 '10 at 14:40

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