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I was doing some research on JWS application and while doing that I clicked on JAVA icon in control panel. I saw java control panel window. I saw the temporary internet files there, It showed me all the JWS application installed on my system. I deleted all of them one by one. After this I tried to install some demo application again but everytime I click on View icon on JAVA control panel, it become inaccessible and doesn't respond at all.

When i tried to close it using window task manager, It prompt me that It is waiting for a response my side. I dont know which response it is looking for. I am attaching the screen shot to give more visibility. Can anyone suggest me something what is going wrong here? alt text

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Try to run command "javaws -viewer". That should open JWS viewer directly. – aco Aug 27 '10 at 15:18

If it crashes even when running from cmd as:

javaws -viewer

Then I would recommend, that you reinstall JRE.

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