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In windows 7 (and probably also in Vista) there is a function to import images. I have tried that out but the result didn't satisfied me. So I deleted the importet images in the "Pictures" folder and wanted to do the import again.

The problem is now, that as soon as I try to reimport them, windows 7 is telling me, that there are not files (no new files) to import. It might have saved, which images have been importet. I couldn't find any hidden file that might hold the information about the imported images (the only hidden file was the desktop.ini which had no such information).

Does anybody knows how to reset the import? I would like to use it because it can automatically rotate images and rename them.

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Delete/backup/rename the file:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Photo Acquisition\PreviouslyAcquired.db

And you should be able to reimport. I think.

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Thanks a lot, that really worked out! – 2ndkauboy Aug 30 '10 at 20:55

Easy way to re-import pictures on Windows 7. Connect your camera then go to My Computer and it will be listed on left under C: - it's a storage device. You can click it to show all files in camera, then copy them. Took me a long time to discover this, Windows help was no help.

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