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I'm trying to get my HP Officejet 5610 working on Ubuntu 10.04. It installed just fine, and when I print I hear the print head moving, but the page is blank. It works just fine on a windows machine. Any ideas? I'm a Linux noob so I apologize in advance

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I had the same problem with my HP Officejet 5610xi, which probably uses the same driver. I initially tried use a printer share on my Windows Vista box, where my 5610xi is normally connected, and got the same symptoms: print head activity, but page always blank.

I went to this site and downloaded the latest driver file for the 5610xi (even though they claim support for the printer is already in Ubuntu). I then followed the steps to extract the .ppd file from it, and use that to add the printer locally (Sysyem -> Administration -> Printing). That didn't seem to fix my printing over the network, but I can now print to the printer connected locally to my Ubuntu 10.04 laptop using USB.

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