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My setup is like this: in the living room I have an htpc, plasma (vga and dvi connections directly to the htpc), reciever (connected via optic, no hdmi :( but connected to an awesome set of speakers). In the bedroom i have an LCD connected to the HTPC through HDMI with built in speakers. Considering i dont want both tvs to run simultanously, how should i set it up for easy switching? Apps wise and connection wise and configuration wise.

Thanks I have win 7.

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Are you looking for independent TVs, or the same video/audio on both screens? – Ryan Gooler Aug 29 '10 at 23:58

My solution would be to grab an HDMI Switcher and then grabbing an HDMI to DVI adapter and connecting them appropriately.

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There's no performance loss outputing TV signal to both the HDMI and the optical fibre.

Keep both the LCD/TV off, then turn them on when you're in that room.

Are you trying to connect both with HDMI? Then you'll need some sort of HDMI splitter.

If you're trying to accomplish something else, please clarify your question.

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I just run a HDMI splitter which displays the same thing on 2 HDMI outputs from 1 input source. I have a 20m HDMI cable which works perfectly and didn't actually cost that much. It will simply display the same thing on both TVs, and you could turn on/off each TV without worrying about pressing any additional buttons etc. The splitter box I use is made by a company called 'Neet' and cost around £25

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