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i haved configured my conky, and i want to run it on startup, i did found some tuts on internet, i haved put my conky in the startup, but in the screen, it just show just a second and how will i resolve that?

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Simple... Create .startconky at ~/

Insert the code code shown below

#! /bin/sh -e
sleep 15
exit 0

Then create a Startup Application. Under System->Preferences

And at command line field.

/bin/sh /home/username/.startconky

Thats all.

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Well, first we'd need to get to the bottom of the problem. Does running conky from a terminal work? We can tell for sure that conky itself is not the problem. If you go into Startup Applications and change the Conky entry to sleep 35 && conky does it run? Yes? Problem solved.

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Adding conky to my startup apps also didn't work very well for me. Instead, I added a shell script which sleeps for about 30 seconds, and then launches conky against my customized configuration scripts. I added that script to my startup applications.

sleep 30
conky -q -c ~/conkys/ &
conky -q -c ~/conkys/ &
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