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Can anyone help me out. I changed the keyboard, OS (Win XP) seems to be ok, but the NUM Lock turns off and on spontaneously. (this happens at work on several computers and it's pretty annoying)


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Could it be there is a software installed by the manufacturer of the computers that interferes with the new keyboard?

Something like an On-Screen-Display software that displays on the screen the status change of the CAPS Lock, NumLock, ... , the volume, ...

alt text

Or a tool that uses NumLock to display alerts by blinking the LED, or using the NumLock LED as a network indicator, or a disk activity indicator? Network Lights for instance.

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no, there is nothing like this – Remus Rigo Aug 30 '10 at 7:54
Not even a Dell QuickSet tool or equivalent for other manufacturers? – Snark Aug 30 '10 at 8:09

This sounds like a software issue (unless several computers exhibit the same hardware issue - which is possible, e.g. a KVM switch used by all of them - but unlikely) , and unless you are running some stange software on all of them - my bet is on some kind of malware.

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