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How do I Create Multi-level numbering in PowerPoint 2007 (1.0 >> 1.1 >> 1.1.1 >> Etc.)

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The possibilities in Powerpoint are really limited and I have not found a way to directly do it on the slides.

But here's a workaround using MS Word:

  1. Type in your outline in Microsoft Word 2007
  2. Give it the formatting you need.
  3. Select and copy the outline.
  4. In PowerPoint - Home tab - Clipboard group - down arrow on the Paste button - Paste special
  5. Choose paste as a Word object.
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This works, but you can't easily animate the bullet items. I personally don't find that to be a problem, but it's worth mentioning. – CarlF Aug 30 '10 at 12:29

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