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I need a word processor with limited formatting options (I'll limit them..) for use in a group. Currently we use MSWord and the documents are messy, with all kinds of fonts, colors etc etc..

I'd like to impose a single character, 3 possible sizes and something like that..

Solutions I thought of are:

  • Style locking in MSWord (problem: doesn't work on the mac version)
  • Write my own editor in Adobe Air based on the Rich Text Editor (last solution since it's time consuming)
  • Get people to write txt files like Textile and associate a css, then generate PDFs (2 problems: 1 it's difficult for end users since they don't see the formatting in real time, 2 it's difficult to create pdf in real time since I use dropbox as a sharing mechanism and I don't have a PC always on..)

Any brilliant idea?

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::dons fanboy hat:: Dude, use LaTeX, man! It's killer. ::doffs fanboy hat:: But frankly, if your group members won't discipline themselves, they won't discipline themselves... – dmckee Aug 30 '10 at 11:43
Get rid of the students – JohnnyVegas Jan 31 at 3:31

The best way probably to solve this without too much trouble is to teach your group a simple markup language like Markdown. It won't really hinder your productivity once you get a bit used to it and it'll be way easier to read your documents as well as being way more exportable.

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