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I spent the night tweaking my computer running windows 7. I got a little performance gains but unfortunately, the Win-key keyboard shortcuts no longer work.

How do you fix them? What service requires them?

I'm mainly interested in the ones that move and re-size working window to half the screen.

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That feature is called "Aero Snap" and here is a webpage about how to enable and disable it :)

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For anyone who runs into this issue in the future and ends up here, like I did: Aero Snap is not required. You can totally get these shortcuts back even in classic theme. The answer under this one is correct: it's the accessibility option under keyboard options to "prevent windows from being automatically arranged" that disables these shortcuts. – neminem Jul 13 '13 at 0:12

Check this:

Go to Windows' "Ease of access center" by typing that exactly on START menu's search box.(or, just press WIN+U)

Find and click "Make the keyboard easier...".

Uncheck the box with "Prevent...." under "Make it easier to manage windows" if it is checked.

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Thank you so much! For the longest time I thought these shortcuts required Aero (gross!), so I gave up, even though they were neat shortcuts. Then they worked on my computer at work even without Aero on. This was indeed the issue. :) – neminem Jul 13 '13 at 0:13

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