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Looking for a new writing and note-taking tool. I plan to use it for creating material for Shadowrun, and misc. creative writing. I would like it to have the following features:

Must-have features:

  • Keep notes in individual "items", like note entries.
  • Easily re-order and organize notes
  • Web-based, or runs on a PC
  • Print out hard-copy of notes

Really-want features:

  • Searchable notes
  • "Tagging" feature (like stack exchange has)
  • Create a link from a note that I can click through to another note (like a wiki link)
  • Outline display/easy navigation

Nice-to-have features:

  • Semantic structuring (like an HTML or Latex document)
  • Drawing/diagramming
  • Map feature (thinking of Google Wave's map gadget)

Anyone have a favorite tool they can recommend?

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You might try evernote. It uploads all you notes online, and i believe on your pc. There are plenty of extras that go along with it as well. Give it a shot and see what you think. It's free too!

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I hate the fact that you can't arrange your notes in any particular order; there are a couple optional features from my list that aren't covered, but this seems to be the best value tool overall. Having a BB app is a small bonus that I didn't think of, also. – RMorrisey Aug 31 '10 at 9:01


I think you would really get a lot out of Microsoft One Note. It has all the features you listed above and more.

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I suspect that OneNote may be a slightly better option than EverNote; however, OneNote is $80, and EverNote is free. I forgot to mention that feature nice-to-have =) – RMorrisey Aug 31 '10 at 8:59

Try an "outliner". Wikipedia has a list.

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I tried a couple of these, but it seems like they only permit a rigid tree structure – RMorrisey Aug 31 '10 at 8:42
Yes, that's why they are called "outliners". But WikiPad and leo allow internal links, so you can think of the tree as a "table of contents". – Aaron Digulla Sep 1 '10 at 10:26

I am not sure if Wiznotes note taking software would be a help for you. It has various features that are not found in other note taking software.

Eli Cohen Mesoraware (Wiznotes is a division of Mesoraware)

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