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I can view and save this to a file. In Chrome, I can view source and see the title of the page is 波羅蜜. If I open the saved file in vim to edit, I see question marks for those characters. Then if I :set encoding=gb2312 I will see the first two characters and then question marks. If, instead, I do :e ++enc=gb2312 %:p I will see the middle character.

After the file is open (because I use MacVim and Fetch opens the file for me automatically) what is the correct workflow to edit this file?

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gb2312 only does simplified characters.

Firefox, Mozilla, and python2-chardet-2.0.1 all lie and say this is gb2312, but since it has traditional characters, the charset needed is gb18030.

So: if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck, and tastes like a duck... open the file with hexdump and read the codepage definition file.

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I have vim set to use UTF-8, as as far as I can see the characters correctly. Maybe try

set encoding=utf-8
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