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I am trying to run a bin file from the command prompt to a local printer connected via usb. The line I am using is:

C:\Users\Administrator>rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /b PAItx2002f /a %windi

The printer name is PAItx2002f. The file I am running is located C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\F@ITX@_206.bin.

When I try to run this line, I get the error message "The arguments are invalid".

I am running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64bit.

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According to Microsoft's documentation, there shouldn't be a space between the /b and /a switches and their file names.

Also, unless the command is being run from a batch file, the %windir% environment variable will not be replaced with an actual directory.

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I used the following line C:\Users\Administrator>rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /bPAItx2002f/aC:\Users\Administrators\Desktop\F2ITX2_206.bin Still received same error. – dan_vitch Aug 31 '10 at 21:56
I also did it like this C:\Users\Administrator>rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /bPAItx2002f/aDesktop\F2ITX2_206.bin – dan_vitch Aug 31 '10 at 22:02
@dan_vitch, try C:\Users\Administrator>rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /bPAItx2002f /aC:\Users\Administrators\Desktop\F2ITX2_206.bin. You might also try /n instead of /b. – Mark Ransom Aug 31 '10 at 22:36

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