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I tried to setup gVim 7.3 with SnipMate on Windows 7 64-bit but it doesn't work.

  1. I got the latest version from github
  2. I copied all files into USER/vimfiles/
  3. I put "filetype plugin on" into my _gvimrc
  4. I tried:

    set runtimepath=$VIMRUNTIME,c:/Users/$USERNAME/vimfiles/after

Any ideas?

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You shouldn't have to change 'runtimepath'--the default setting should work in all but some unusual cases.

If you set 'runtimepath' as you show above, yet you put your SnipMate files under USER/vimfiles/plugin or USER/vimfiles/ftplugin, Vim isn't going to find them.

I would:

  1. put configuration settings in _vimrc rather than _gvimrc,
  2. not set 'runtimepath',
  3. make sure the SnipMate files are where they are supposed to be.

Then if it still doesn't work, execute


to see all the runtime files that Vim actually loaded and make sure you put the SnipMate files someplace Vim is looking.

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I tried your approach: 1. removed runtime path 2. config in _vimrc 3. :scriptnames shows it loads plugin/snipmate, ftplugin/snipmate, ftplugin/html_snip_helper, after/plugin/snipmate ... It seems like it's all loaded correctly, but when I enter 'html' or 'doctype' in a html file an hit TAB nothing happens. Do I have to map the key? Isn't it done by the script? It also looks like there are no snippets loaded, shouldnt there be a file like: html.snippets ? – rootman Sep 1 '10 at 11:04
There is a file, snippets/html.snippets, that should also be read by the SnipMate plugin, but it won't appear in the output of :scriptnames because Vim doesn't load it itself. Did you include filetype plugin on in your _vimrc? (It looks like you did.) I don't use the snipMate plugin, but I downloaded the zip file from and installed it in a test directory. I opened foo.html, typed html, hit <tab> and got <html> and </html> tags, so it seems to work for me. The script maps tab. What do you see if you execute :map <tab>, where <tab> is five characters, not a literal tab? – garyjohn Sep 1 '10 at 15:19
i get: "s <Tab> * <Esc>i<Right><C-R>=TriggerSnippet()<CR>" ... yes i included filetype plugin on in my _vimrc .. if i hit tab it only jumps to the next tabstop and doesnt trigger the snippet – rootman Sep 1 '10 at 15:59

I reinstalled vim from scratch, added snipMate first and it works. Curious what caused the problem i started adding the other plugins one by one, now i have all plugins reinstalled and it still works. That leaves me wondering why it didn't work in the first place.

In case I find out what the excact problem was I'll update it here. Thanks for your support garyjohn, much appreciated!

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In my case snipMate did not work because of wrong line im .vimrc - the line contains two commas:

set wildignore+=*.gif,*.jpg,*.png,tmp,,cache

But I guess I'm the only one in the world who ever experienced it ;-)

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Well I was experiencing it too! Thanks for the fix! – Aryeh May 25 '12 at 5:20

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