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I've got a simple crontab for ripping my local radio station only when I want:

0 16 * * 0 /root/streamripper.sh
0 17 * * 0 killall streamripper
0 20 * * 0 /root/streamripper.sh
0 21 * * 0 killall streamripper

and it's not working. Also, this is the content of streamripper.sh:

streamripper http://some.radio.com/stream.aac -s -o never -d /some/secret/directory

Thanks :)

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Is streamripper.sh executable (chmod +x /root/streamripper.sh)? Is the streamripper binary in the path? Try to give a full path to it in the script (you get the full path with which streamripper).

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Worth checking to see if the cron is actually being run - see if the contents of /var/log/cron tie to the expected execution times. Also, is there really any need to mention that the script is probably doing something illegal? -1 for trying to bring down the integrity of this site.

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Are you receiving any error emails? I'd set MAILTO=some_use_you_read_mail_for and see if there are any obvious errors.

and you don't quite define 'not working'

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And it makes really no sense to run streamripper as the user root. Better use any unprivilegued user for that. For example your own.

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