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I have an ISO image downloaded from MSDN (Expression Studio 4) that is listed as for a DVD. The image is only 284MB. Can I burn this to a CD instead, using the software built in to Windows 7, or will something in the file format tie it to a dvd?

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If you just double click the ISO file (*), it should open with Windows Disk Image Burner, this utility will allow you to burn the ISO file to external media.

alt text

(*) If you have installed any ISO handling utilities, right click and choose Open With then select Windows Disk Image Burner.

Personally though, I like use Imgburn (available on Ninite) for burning.

Anyway, whatever you use, if the actual ISO file is under 700MB, you should have no problem burning to a disk.

Lastly, if it is for the machine you are on, consider using a disk mounting program such as Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive - it both saves disks and is much faster!

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