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I have just reinstalled windows xp on a HP a1268c and I can't connect to the internet. My Network card in device manager says it is functioning fine. However I can't connect to the internet at all. I have upgraded to sp2 with a disk I allready had. I have tried ipconfig and all I get in return is "Windos IP Configuration".

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If you don't get a report on it, then Windows is not detecting your adapter as a network adapter, or possibly you don't have any network protocols installed. Open the Properties for "Local Network Connection" and make sure that Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is installed and configured correctly.

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There are many "Cannot Connect to the internet" questions with answers on this board. You will need to employ general troubleshooting to fix your problem. CarlF has a good point, but you will find that doing multiple tasks is required to get your problem fixed. Here are some posts that may help:

Perhaps running a general search on Superuser, "Cannot Connect to Network" will give you some hints.

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