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I am trying to get AVIDemux set up with the X264 codec using this tutorial. The following is what goes down when I get to the ./configure --enable-mp4-output command

Thomas-Phillipss-MacBook:x264 tomdabomb2u$ sudo ./configure --enable-mp4-output
Unknown option --enable-mp4-output, ignored
Found no assembler
Minimum version is yasm-0.6.2
If you really want to compile without asm, configure with --disable-asm.

So I tried it.

Thomas-Phillipss-MacBook:x264 tomdabomb2u$ sudo ./configure --enable-mp4-output --disable-asm
Unknown option --enable-mp4-output, ignored
Warning: gpac is too old, update to 2007-06-21 UTC or later
Platform:   X86_64
System:     MACOSX
asm:        no
avs:        no
lavf:       no
ffms:       no
gpac:       no
pthread:    yes
filters:    crop select_every
debug:      no
gprof:      no
PIC:        no
shared:     no
visualize:  no
bit depth:  8

You can run 'make' or 'make fprofiled' now.

I issued make, and then Thomas-Phillipss-MacBook:x264 tomdabomb2u$ ./x264 -v -q 20 -o foreman.mp4 foreman_part_qcif.yuv 176x144. And as expected, the results are:

x264 [error]: not compiled with MP4 output support

So I'm stuck. Any ideas?

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There's also a Bash script to build avidemux +aac+dts+lame+ogg+x264+xvid (Avidemux 2.6 (SVN revision 7891) using MacPorts.

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Unknown option --enable-mp4-output, ignored

That immediately caught my attention. Sounds like the sources you downloaded may not be the same ones the guide writer was using. Also, did the git checkout work successfully?

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Thanks for your help. I was able to get it installed via MacPorts today. I actually installed ffmpeg (sudo ports install ffmpeg), and I think x264 was included in the install. I still do not see the option in AVIDemux though :-\ – Thomas Sep 3 '10 at 15:19

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