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I have a excel 2007 spreadsheet that I'm sharing with some of my coworkers while we work on a project. Recently, when I try to save the file, I get this error: "This file is locked. Try the command again later." I figured this was happening because one of my coworkers was doing something weird so I was being locked out. So I copied the file and opened the copy, tried to save it again and got the same error!

What have I done to my spreadsheet and how do I fix this?

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Someone else is saving or loading the file. Microsoft has a knowledge base article about this.

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Thanks Joel, I read that article as well. I didn't think this accounted for the copy as well, though? I ended up having to create an new workbook from scratch and copy/pasting the data over. Not ideal but it gets the job done I guess. – Joseph Jul 16 '09 at 2:01

This is probably a windows share issue. Someone has the file open for editing.

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That's what I thought, which is why I created the copy, so I know the copy isn't opened by someone else. I'm still getting the error on the copy! – Joseph Jul 15 '09 at 14:04
I think simply copying the files will not get rid of sharing. You could probably start a new spreadsheet and copy the contents into it. – bjtitus Jul 15 '09 at 14:38

Take a look at Unlocker, it should show you what else is using the file.

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Thanks Josh, but unfortunately I don't have admin privs on this machine so I can't install anything. – Joseph Jul 15 '09 at 15:05

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