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I posted a question on, here: Color Blindness, what can I do?, but it dawned on me that question about software should probably be posed here.

So I'm asking.

Is there any software I can install in Windows 7 64-bit that would allow me to tweak the color-scheme of my monitor so that websites and other software designed for non-colorblind people would "pop" more?

For instance, I might want to tweak the red color to be more bright, or something like that.

Greasemonkey scripts or extensions to Google Chrome that gives me a bit more control would be nice as well. If I can make red links on white background go back to having underlines for some sites, that would be more than enough for me.

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Thanks @ChrisF! – Lasse V. Karlsen Sep 2 '10 at 11:23
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Stylish should do everything you need: Firefox extension or Chrome extension. I'd also check out, the companion website, since I'm sure there are styles posted by/for colorblind people.

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This fit the bill like a glove! – Lasse V. Karlsen Sep 2 '10 at 11:37

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