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Possible Duplicates:
Using 3+ GB RAM in Vista/Windows7(32-bit)?
4 GB of Ram installed but only 2.97GB usable. What gives?

hi, i have laptop: eME730G with 4GB ram. I have Windows 7 (32bit) Enterprise and windows use only 2,5 GB ram, why? How fix it?

Full infomation about memory:

enter image description here

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32 bit operating systems can't use the full 4GB or RAM on your machine.

To fix it, you need to use a 64 bit operating system.

To explain it further...

32 bits can only access 4GB of memory because 2 to the 32 power is 4 billion. So 2 to the 32 power is 4 GB.

Included in that accessing memory space is video memory and other hardware related stuff, which takes away from your 4GB of addressable RAM.

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What he said... – Thomas B. Sep 2 '10 at 18:20

Perhaps NVIDIA ION that uses 0.5 GB (of the 3 GB Win7 x86 can use)?

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