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I have a macbook pro, some old windows laptops, some of which I plan to put linux on, mostly to play around with. I'd like to get a wireless router to use with all of these and maybe also to try fiddling with the firmware. I don't know anything about them yet, I'm not sure what to look for in a router, esp. one that's open but will work with all these different wireless cards. Any suggestions on routers or what specifically to focus my research on?

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WiFi is an industry standard, so all your devices should play nice. Get with with a/b/g/n though because n is blazing fast. To look for a specific router, I would check DDWRT's list of compatible hardware (and since most firmware hacks theoretically has the same bootstrap codebase, a DDWRT compatible router should work for more than one firmware).

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I agree with @digitxp, but you should also consider the excellent AirPort Extreme for its USB connection that shares any external hard drive or zero-conf (Bonjour) printer wirelessly. It can't be loaded with DD-WRT, but has most of the common features that people look for in DD-WRT, plus it does a/b/g/n and can broadcast two wireless networks simultaneously.

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