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I would like to setup a job without having to enter the user/pass.

Can this be done?

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What kind of task are you trying to perform? –  Ivo Flipse Aug 5 '09 at 12:38
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You can add it with the SYSTEM account. This one doesn't need a password.

Beware! The system account has basically the same rights as the administrator, so this might be a security issue.

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After you set the task up, if you right click on the task and go to properties, you can check a box that says "Run only when logged on". This doesn't require a username/password.

enter image description here

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From Cameron Incoll's blog:

Note: this is a security loophole! But I'm sure you're aware.

Sometimes it’s handy to have a scheduled task do something in Windows XP. I use a couple for different reasons. One is to do a weekly backup of data from one disk to another, and the other is to do a daily grab of the TV guide from IceTV to process and deliver to my Topfield PVR.

Annoyingly, but probably appropriately, XP doesn’t let you run scheduled tasks by default without a password set on the user account. This is described in Microsoft knowledge base article 310715.

Instead of creating a password for my login at home, and instead of creating a ‘dummy’ account with a password just for scheduled tasks, I found this: Scheduled Tasks - Running Tasks Without A Password.

For XP Pro:

Go to Start/Administrative Tools/Local Security Policy/Security Settings/Local Policies/Security Options Accounts:

Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only. This is enabled by default, disable it.

For XP Home:

Go to Start/Run/Regedit and navigate to this key:

Value name: limitblankpassworduse, Type: REG_DWORD, Data: 0 (disabled) 1 (enabled)
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Try System Scheduler. It is something you have to install but requires no password to run tasks. It sits in the taskbar tray and just works. I have used it in the past.


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To the best of my knowledge, you have to provide a user name and password. What would be the alternative: an OS in which unidentified users were running processes on a machine with no authentication?

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