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I'm doing development with a WAMP server all the time, so I need to add it to the startup in Windows.

I did this with my Windows XP machine, it is simple to do in X, but when I switched to Windows 7 I couldn't find an option to run programs at startup.

How do I make a program run at startup in Windows 7?

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Simplest way would be to put it in your Startup Folder.

They have moved it in Windows 7; now it can be found here:

%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Start, Run, paste the above, and press ENTER. This will open the startup folder in Explorer.

Now drag and drop a shortcut to the app to whatever you wish to run into the startup folder.

Windows 7 Programs Startup folder

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You can get to the same location by just typing shell:startup from the Start search input or Start->Run input. There are loads of other useful shortcuts to these special folders. – Martin Hollingsworth Oct 30 '14 at 21:32

If you want to get to the Startup folder using the GUI you can access it from Start,All Programs,Startup. Right click on this folder and you can open either the Startup folder for your profile or the all users folder (which required Admin permissions to update).

Now drag and drop a shortcut to the app as stated in the earlier answer.

enter image description here

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