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I am hoping to run some virtual machines, IIS, SQL Server, MOSS, and Team Foundation Server on my HP MediaSmart Server 495, probably not all at the same time. There is a frightening warning message when I remote into the server telling me that I should use the WHS Console. What is the best way to run these without breaking the existing services of WHS? Would performance be a serious problem given that that it uses an Intel Celeron with 2 G of RAM?

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Yes, performance will take a knock if you install things like IIS and SQL Server. I think you're playing with fire. – user3463 Sep 4 '10 at 16:33
As Randolph pointed out - performance will be a problem. I had some of this stuff running on a more powerful machine (not WHS, but it doesn't matter) and the performance was so-so. If you install all of this you'll most likely bring the machine down to its knees. Those services aren't lightweight. – MetalMikester Sep 17 '10 at 17:35
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I regularly login to the Windows 2003 interface rather than use the WHS console. I don't have experience with install MOSS or SQL, etc but it wouldn't hurt to check out We Got Served and see if someone else has done it. They are a good resource for WHS tips and tricks.

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I also regularly login using remote desktop (almost every day.) The warning is more to help prevent less knowledgeable users from breaking something. +1 for suggesting We Got Served - very good WHS resource where I find most of my WHS answers. – MetalMikester Sep 17 '10 at 17:33

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