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I got a "server" in the basement hosting music and media files. It is nice to shut it down without having to go down there, via remote desktop or the "shutdown -i" command etc.

But is there someway of waking it up? It should not wake up on other kinds of traffic, just when I specifically want it to.

The computer runs win7 ultimate, and motherboard is 2-3 year old MSI, if it makes a difference.

What choices do I have to achive this?

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In the BIOS there should be a option on enable Wake On Lan (WOL). Once this is enabled, you can send a WOL "packet" to the network card using, for example, AMD Magic Packet, or other Magic Packet Utilites.

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Additionally, some router firmware has WOL support. In Tomato you can send WOL packets from the router config interface. – nhinkle Sep 4 '10 at 19:08
I've been googling the solutions to suggested, and this seems to be exactly what I want. Thank you! – zorgy Sep 5 '10 at 20:09

I've used the tools from Depicus with success. As tombull89 has noted, the computer must have it enabled first.

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