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Before reading, I had like to state that I don't know much about LATEX. I just needed to use 'moderncv' so I am asking this question.

Is there any pdflatex switch I can use to produce a black and white PDF document?

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Maybe. Please edit your question and tell us where you see colors in the result. – Aaron Digulla Sep 5 '10 at 11:17

Firstly, you should know that there's a StackExchange dedicated to TeX, LaTeX and Friends. This question would probably have better been put there.

No pdflatex switch. The moderncv class does have a nocolor option you could try:


But that didn't seem to work for me when using one of the themes the class provides. Looking at the internals of the class, however, I think it might help to put:


right after \begin{document}, and before \maketitle. At least for the casual theme... if you're using a different one, tell us which one.

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