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I know about %File% and %Line%... What else do you know about?

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If you're asking about command-line arguments for starting PSPad, they are listed in the online PSPad documentation. If not, can you provide a bit more information on what you're trying to do?

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no, I am not asking about command line arguments. – Aftershock Sep 12 '10 at 11:03
@Aftershock: And yet in your self-answering post, you state "They can be used as command line arguments in Links\Tools section." And I still don't know for sure what you were asking. For future reference: clarity is important. – boot13 Sep 12 '10 at 12:09
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Ok. I found these. %File% %Dir% %DosFile% %DosDir% %Name% %Ext% %ProjectName% %PSPath% %URLFile% %HTTPFile% %SelText% %Input% %Word% %AppData% %HomePath% %Temp% %UserProfile% %AllUsersProfile% %WinDir% %Line%
They can be used as command line arguments in Links\Tools section.

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