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My laptop's screen was broken and I went to replace it with a new one, which is not made by lenovo and apparently have something different from the original one.

It seems that the NVIDIA driver for linux doesn't like my new screen. I've tried nvidia-glx-173 and nvidia-glx-185 but both failed to work properly. The display becomes strange at the login screen. There are only large rectangles whose colors are same to parts of the normal login screen.

I believe the problem is of the LCD recognition of Linux NVIDIA driver but not the video card because: 1) In windows, everything's fine with or without NVIDIA driver (except that when running some full screen game the image is zoomed and only displays in a quarter of the screen) 2) In Linux, everything's fine if NVIDIA driver is not actived, and the xrandr command also recognizes a number of available resolutions. 3) In Linux, if NVIDIA driver is used, I'm able to use an external monitor perfectly. When I try to use nvidia-settings to configure my laptop screen, I cannot find any available resolution in the tab for my laptop screen(there's only an 'auto')

And it seems that nouveau driver doesn't support my video card, so at least for now I have to use the drivers from NVIDIA

I wonder if there's some way to export some data of the LCD from the driver supplied by Linux and feed it to NVIDIA driver?

Some information of my machine that may be useful:

Laptop Model: ThinkPad T61 Screen Resolution: 1440 * 1050 Video Card: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M CPU: Intel T7500 OS: Ubuntu 10.04 lucid amd64 / Ubuntu 10.10 maverick amd64 ** nvidia-glx-185(nvidia-current), nvidia-glx-173

Thanks in advance!

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