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I have a formula in Excel that looks like this:


I would like to duplicate this formula down the whole column, however, I would like C12 to increment (C13, C14, C15 etc), but for the rest of the formula to stay the same.

So far, I have tried duplicating it manually onto the next 4 or 5 cells, then selecting those and double clicking the bottom right hand corner of the selection, however this doesn't work, almost, but not quite.

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Add a dollar sign $ before each coordinate that you want to be fixed. I.e., if you want C12 to turn into C13, do $C12 and the C will be fixed but the 12 will increment. IF you want both values to be fixed, use $C$12.

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worked a treat. thankyou kindly. – Tisch Sep 5 '10 at 21:33
another neat way to do this is to click on the range you want to change and press F4 until the $s are as you like them. Also I would be careful that your lookup range stays static users!$A$2:$B$1800 – datatoo Sep 8 '10 at 16:51

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