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dear all..i have made my project using Linux Ubuntu 9.04 OS.i want to use barcode scanner for my project.Can you tell me what's barcode scanner that compatible with this OS.?

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Nearly all modern (last few years) barcode scanners that plug in via USB or PS/2 (e.g. NOT serial) are compatible with all operating systems.

When connected to a machine, they get detected as a standard keyboard. All the "magic" happens within the unit itself, so, you just point it to a barcode and it will input the numbers/characters/pattern in the exact place of the cursor, as if you typed them on a keyboard.

FYI - The only difference between new scanners is usually that some send a line return after processing and others don't, as well as speed of the unit.

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whether by using the barcode scanner the latest edition we still have to use a barcode scanner driver? – klox Sep 6 '10 at 2:56
@klox, no driver should be needed, the computer should see them as standard keyboards. – William Hilsum Sep 6 '10 at 8:32
Exactly the answer I would have given, as far as Linux sees it it will use a generic keyboard driver (Same in Windows). – AthomSfere Jun 24 '13 at 1:36

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