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I scanned a brochure to PDF. It was portrait & should be landscape so I rotated the page in Acrobat and saved the PDF. I sent it to OneNote 2010 using the "printer", and it shows up in portrait mode in my OneNote file. I cannot find anyway to rotate the picture within OneNote 2010.

I did find a link to an image rotator add-in for OneNote 2007, which installed for me but does not actually rotate the image.

Has anyone solved this problem?

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Have you tried to uncheck the "Auto-Rotate and Center" Option in the printer while sending it to OneNote? – MaoPU Sep 7 '10 at 8:37

MaoPU's helped tremendously for me. The main shift in thinking I needed was to view the OneNote printer as exactly that - a printer that can have modified settings.

The PDF I had was a PPT that showed in Acrobat Reader in landscape, but it printed into OneNote as portrait when I dragged and dropped the doc into OneNote.

Instead of dragging and dropping the file into OneNote, I printed to the OneNote printer (File -> Print) in Acrobat Reader and deselected the option to auto-rotate and center OR select Landscape in the printer properties to make the document show up in OneNote as you desire.

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Select the PDF file you want to print and under the print menu, click on the Page Setup and select the landscape orientation then click Ok to print.

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