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I'd like it to be seamless in regard to performance.

Here's how I use gnome-do

by hitting Windows + space I get a prompt and I start typing, it starts showing me programs to run using the characters I am typing, if it's what I want I can hit Enter or I can use the down-arrow to scroll to other possible matches.

There is much more to gnome-do, but I'm still just a basic launcher user. The key for me is the ability to start typing and launch any app. No More Mouse.

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I would imagine it redundant to name it something under KDE4.

The behaviour I ascribe to Gnome-Do ( I haven't really used it, I'm just going by what I see on Gnome-Do's website ) is part of Kde's implicit functionality now.

Just start typing in the search field that's on the menu, or start typing in the run dialogue ( Default shortcut is Alt+F2 )

For an example of what It can do:

Alt+F2 , fire

Yeilds in the list

  1. Edit - Mozilla Firefox ( Activate Running Window on Desktop 1 )
  2. Mozilla Firefox ( Web Browser )

Which I can switch between with Tab and execute with Enter

You can run any command there you could run in a shell too,

trigger: Alt+F2
command: [xhost +]
shows: Run xhost +
launch: Enter

As well as running commands in a shell

trigger: Alt+F2
command: [ ls ]
shows: Run ls
navigate to execute option: Tab
open configuration instead: Space
navigate to 'run in termainal' option: Tab
toggle checkbox: Space
launch: Enter

Doing basic math:

trigger: Alt+F2
command: [1 + 1 =]
shows: 2

Spell checking:

trigger: Alt+F2
command: spell frabujous
shows: list of spellings

Open Web Searches:

trigger: Alt+F2
command: wp: duck
shows: Search Wikipedia for duck
launch: Enter

Launch Apps by Description:

trigger: Alt+F2
command: web browser
shows: list of applications that are web browsers
select one: Tab
launch: Enter

Do all sorts of web browsery things:

trigger: Alt+F2
command: stack

  • Stack Overflow - Konqueror ( Activate Window Running on Desktop 1 )
  • <history> /
  • <bookmark> Stack Overflow

select one: Tab
launch: Enter

Filesystem Browsing:

trigger: Alt+F2
command: /tmp/
shows: Open /tmp/
launch: Enter

Do Power Controls:

trigger: Alt+F2
command: suspend shows: Suspend To Ram
launch: Enter

Its only really limited by how complete your data is and what plug-ins you have.

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gotcha, will update my question with more info to be more specific. – codeLes Aug 5 '09 at 15:51
very well expounding out that detail! and yesterday this is what I chose to use, not sure if I'll stick with KDE or not, but it's fun messing around. – codeLes Aug 6 '09 at 17:34
Great summary. The only thing that comes to my mind that you forget was desktop search. By entering any keywords it can also show the found documents. – Yaba Sep 21 '09 at 8:30
I only put things up that I could test myself and assured work. I don't use desktop search because the dependencies and overheads incurred from the neopmuk/akonadi duo ( with database et all ) make my life too interesting, and I never find a need to use it anyway =). for compare, 'locate' is often annoying enough to me that I totally disable the cron job. – Kent Fredric Oct 13 '09 at 16:30

For KDE4: Gnome-Do = KRunner (built-in, hit Alt-F2)

For KDE3: Gnome-Do = Katapult

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is KRunner any more useful than the gnome-launcher built in with gnome? and maybe that had more features than I used it for.... gnome-do was just more helpful it seemed. – codeLes Aug 5 '09 at 16:08
Also, this thread with subject "KDE Do?" -- – nik Aug 5 '09 at 16:34
KRunner is pretty powerful, it does suggestions and can do magic suff like 'spell frablous' will instantly show ( while you type it ) alternative spellings, '7 + 7 =' will show '14' as soon as you type '=', amongst other things, its only limited by its plugins. – Kent Fredric Aug 5 '09 at 18:40

Gnome do works just as well in KDE as in GNOME.

From Do's homepage:

Do is just as sleek, swift and smart on KDE and other common environments.

Since you're on Ubuntu, you can install it with this command:

sudo apt-get install gnome-do
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It is called Katapult and works very similar but has not a Docky like skin. Personally I love gnome-do so I - of course - have to mention the wiki entry saying that it will work under KDE as well.

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nice, I don't really use docky, but I will have to check out the KDE support for do, wonder if it has performance issues since it's not written specific for KDE... Will read. – codeLes Aug 5 '09 at 16:07

Synapse - it's in the Ubuntu repositories. Install sinapse

enter image description here

Ctrl - Space to start typing.

More details.

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