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Is there any tool that can help to keep up with 10 blogs?

I want to be able to check from one place which blog has a new post. Instead of manualy check them one be one.

Operating System: Windows 7

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Google Reader is an excellent online choice.

There are plenty of desktop tools available as well, ranging from integrated RSS support in Outlook/Thunderbird to separate RSS clients, such as Liferea for Linux.

Please mention your OS, so people can give you recommendations about desktop software.

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I use Liferea to keep up with several dozen. Google Reader is another.

share|improve this answer is another alternative, it was slightly buggy so I stopped using it but the basic functionality was very good.

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Since Google Reader and Liferea have already been suggested...

Newsbeuter, the mutt of feed readers. (Not for Windows, but nobody uses mutt on it either.)

(Both Newsbeuter and Liferea can sync with Google Reader easily.)

FeedDemon used to be good.

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