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I have a MOSS site where there is many folders and subfolders. I would like to output this folder hierarchy e.g. into a text file. How is that possible? Windows command line "tree" command does not work with UNC paths? Here is a desired example output from my local computer:

│   ├───revprops
│   │   └───0
│   ├───revs
│   │   └───0
│   ├───transactions
│   └───txn-protorevs
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tree \\server\sitecollection\site works fine for me (Windows XP)

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Alternatively, DO NOT USE FOLDERS/SUBFOLDERS in a SharePoint doc lib. Yes, it works. No, it is NOT the preferred way to do things. Metadata (custom columns) is by far a better way to manage your docs and what they are. Category/SubCategory = Folder/SubFolder. Makes finding/sorting/filtering your docs much easier and faster. And you can trivially export that info out as a CSV/Excel/Text.

Try it.

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I think the question is about the underlying folder structure of the install, not folders within libraries. – e100 Nov 13 '10 at 13:40

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