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When clicking a picture into Picture Motion Browser (PMB) window (enlarge it to fit to window/screen), the picture is always presented sharply at first one second but soon turns smoothing/blurring/flattering itself, no matter if I re-install it or change computers from home to office.

I was surprised to find that the same situation can be observed in Sony's tutorial film.

Please just watch how PMB blurs the tile's lines on the left hand side after reading it into the application window - about one second afterwards.

Moreover, when adjusting sharpness of the picture with PMB, the adjustment effect will be eliminated (smoothed out) by the aforementioned smoothing/blurring/flattering "function".

It's really bad for me because other browsers I have cannot read Nex-5 films. So now I have to use two browsers, one for still pictures and PMB for films. Very annoying.

Anybody know how to fix the problem?

I tried to contact Sony developers, yet they claimed the problems were due to large size pictures or some "preview effect", which was not acceptable and didn't get me anywhere.

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