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Does anyone know if Notepad++ can display a vertical line on the right margin to indicated that the text will or will not fit on a printed page? I have looked but I cannot find it. Word wrap does work, but it wraps by my screen width, not by the width of a printed page.

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As you said you do not actually want to print it, you may use the Show vertical edge.

Setting > Preferences > Editing > Tick "Show vertical edge" > Choose "Line Mode"

You can then specify the vertical line should locate in which column (default should be 100).

(Tested in: Notepad++ v5.7)

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Perfect. Don't know how I missed it the first time! – ubiquibacon Sep 8 '10 at 4:05
Tested and still valid in v6.1.5 – wilson Jul 25 '12 at 3:07
It's still there in v6.8.8 (December, 2015). – engineer Jan 28 at 13:10
Only issue I have with the vertical edge is that Word Wrap doesn't respect it. It would be wonderful to be able to check a box in the editing preferences to get this behavior. – KeithS Mar 8 at 16:18
@KeithS you are correct. notepad++ doesn't support this feature yet.… – wilson Mar 10 at 3:00

BTW You can also customize the color of that vertical bar here:

vertical edge color customizing in Notepad++

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I think modern Printers are able to auto adjust words so that can fit in the sheet. So don't worry about margins.

I suggest you use to Microsoft Word for typing documents that you want to print.

EDIT: I couldn't find anything that could provide a vertical margin in Notepad++. But as Workaround for text readability, once the text is written select all the text then press Ctrl + I (shortcut for Split Lines). One Disadvantage is that you have to keep your window size steady i.e don't resize it.

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I actually do not want to print it, I just want the code to look nice and appear in a readable fashion. Having that line lets me know when to press 'ENTER'. – ubiquibacon Sep 7 '10 at 20:37
Split LINES! CTRL+i BRILLIANT. NOTE: First, turn on word-wrap. This doesn't change your document, only the way it 'wraps' on the screen. Next, resize your window-width, select your text, then run this command. It will add new-lines to each line that goes beyond the window width. – Felipe Alvarez Sep 17 '10 at 11:17

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