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What is the best way to transfer the videos that I take with my iPod nano to the computer? The iPod storage is slowly filling up, so I'd like to remove the videos from it.

It looks like I can just use the Finder, go to DCIM/000APPLE and get the .MP4 files from there? Do I need to transfer the .DAT files as well?

But I can't believe that is the only way to get the videos to the computer. If I copy them manually from the iPod and then remove them on the i{od, the next videos I take will automatically be named IMG0000.MP4, ..., again, which means next time I'll have to move them to a different directory on my computer, in order not to overwrite them, so it's going to be messy and hard to organize...

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According to Apple they recommend either using iPhoto or iMovie to import the files for use elsewhere. An alternative is to use a program like Clipstart to import and manage your videos.

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