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How do I make a booklet from a pdf, using a mac with Snow Leopard? Ideally I would like to be able to split my document into multiple booklets (say 10 - 20 pages in each) so that when I bind them they can lie reasonably flat.

I've noticed there is a 'booklet' option when printing from Preview, but it the options are greyed out when I choose it.

I saw this question previously, but some of the software mentioned is now obsolete.

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The best software for this purpose I have found is Cheap Impostor.

It has the features you describe:

  • Imposes PDF files for books and magazines
  • Reorders and 2-ups pages for binding magazines and books
  • Sheets per signature can be varied from 1 to magazine/booklet
  • Supports automatic and manual duplex printers, with and without collation

It is already useful in the unregistered version, but registration at $35 is reasonable and worth the cost.

The website has some useful links how to actually bind the book. I have used this process and added some improvements for my own needs.

I have printed and bound many books and booklets, usually by printing out 1-page signatures, folding them and glueing them with wood glue. I use a homemade press similar to those described in the links, but made from metal. I cut a piece of gauze bandage or book muslin and put it over the still wet glue. This makes the binding more durable.

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Here's a cloud-based impostor option:

It worked when I tried it.

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