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I'm using Metacity and I tried combining 2 Window Keybindings
to one shortcut, essentially what I did was trying to create a
Keybinding Command (gconf.. /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/)
Wrote there move_to_side_w | maximize_vertically .
Obviously that didn't work because its trying to run those commands
and they are only valid as window_keybindings...
Long Story short:
how do I combine 2 window_keybindings into 1 command ?
(I'm sure it is possible with the keybindings_commands...)

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The closest I think you can get to such an end-result is to write a shell script that uses wmctrl to do those both, then assign a hotkey to that shell script (System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts->Add).

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That worked perfectly, wrote a shell script and everything, just one thing: is there a way to auto-detect the screen size (so the width size that I would give would be exactly half of the full width) ? – Asaf Sep 10 '10 at 0:32

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