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I have setup "Remote Management" on a Mac OS X system (running 10.5.8). Trying to connect with a VNC client results in messages like "No supported authentication types" (VineViewer) or "Unknown authType" (Chicken of the VNC).

It's not a firewall issue, since I opened that up. Any suggestions, ideas?

Edit Same issue happens whether I try to connect from the machine itself or from another machine that can ping it.

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I think you have to *enable Screen Sharin*g instead of Remote Management, to enable VNC access.

FYI: there's an integrated VNC viewer in OS X:

  1. Open the Finder a
  2. Hit cmd-K or select Connect to Server from the Go Menu in the Menubar.
  3. Enter vnc://ip.of.remote.machine and click connect.
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Screen Sharing and Remote Management ultimately have all the same RFB options. – VxJasonxV Sep 9 '10 at 23:21
That worked, thanks lajuette! I mean, I didn't change anything on the VNC "server," I just connected via the Finder on the guest. – Dan Rosenstark Sep 10 '10 at 0:53
@VxJasonxV: Thanks for the tip. I didn't know that. – lajuette Sep 10 '10 at 4:16
@Yar: Just because I'm curious. Did you enter a username and password? Or only a username. – VxJasonxV Sep 10 '10 at 17:17
Ugh. Sigh. Last question was: "Or only a password?" – VxJasonxV Sep 10 '10 at 17:26

The problem is that by default, OS X expects to get a username AND password for authentication, while standard VNC clients just send a password. Connecting from the OS X Finder (/Screen Sharing util) works because that knows how to send both the username and password. If you want to connect from standard clients, you need to set a VNC compatibility password (which can be used without a username) in System Preferences -> Sharing -> Screen Sharing or Remote Management -> Computer Settings -> "VNC viewers may control screen with password:".

Side note: the "Screen Sharing" and "Remote Management" services are essentially the same thing -- the difference is that Remote Management ALSO enables Apple Remote Desktop features (e.g. report generation, file transfer, etc).

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