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I have a PostgreSQL 8.4 database, installed with Japanese as the main language. I am connecting from an English Windows 7 client using psql.exe. Is there any way to change the UI of the messages shown to me (e.g. the help, column headers from the \l command, etc) to English?

I know that I can set the character encoding using \encoding, but I really want to change the UI language from ja_JP to en_US (or similar).

I can't see anything in the psql documentation. Any ideas?

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In a Linux environment, this is controlled by environment variables on the client. If your OS is generally set to one language, psql should behave the same. Not sure why that doesn't work in your case. – Peter Eisentraut Dec 25 '10 at 10:28
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In Windows also, psql only looks at the LC_MESSAGES envvar. Therefore this works...

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