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I'm looking to run Windows 7 inside my Ubuntu 10.04 installation through a virtualization client, I have tried Oracle/Sun's VirtualBox but it doesn't seem to allow aero because of the hardware acceleration etc.

Does anyone know of any virtualization software which can run a Windows 7 installation with aero enabled?


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VirtualBox also supports running Windows 7 Aero mode as guest on a Ubuntu (Linux) host.

Take care of the following steps:

  1. Goto Settings -> Display and increase the Video Memory to 128MB. Also enable 3D Acceleration and 2D Video Acceleration.
  2. Increase the total memory from the System (if required)
  3. Boot Windows 7 now, Install Guest Additions and make sure to install Direct3D Support. A warning will appear when you select Direct3D. Just click on No as for Aero safe mode installation won't help.
  4. Restart Windows.
  5. Goto to Personalize by right clicking on Desktop and choose a Windows 7 Aero theme.

This worked for me with VirtualBox 4.1.22 running on Ubuntu 12.04

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To answer my own question. Vmware workstation for Linux supports this.

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