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I have 3 keyboard layouts in use. English, Arabic and Hebrew. To switch from English to Hebrew for example, I have to hit alt-shift twice (English -> Arabic -> Hebrew). I wonder if I can set-up something like [ctrl]-[shift]-1 to immediately switch to English, [ctrl]-[shift]-2 for Arabic and [ctrl]-[shift]-3 for Hebrew or something similar.


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You may use setxkbmap with xbindkeys. Example of .xbindkeysrc:

#Switch to english
"setxkbmap us"
   0x4 + c:10
Control + 1 

#Switch to russian
"setxkbmap ru"
   m:0x4 + c:11
Control + 2 

#Switch to japanese
"setxkbmap jp"
   m:0x4 + c:12
Control + 3 
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You can assign a generic command shortcut to the setxkbmap command with the given layout as an argument.

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Thanks, that's a good direction, but it doesn't do exactly what I wanted it to do. Looks like it's somehow "destructive". It doesn't play nice with the keyboard layout indicator.. Maybe I need to tweak it a little. – AmirW Sep 10 '10 at 21:30

Under Layout Options there's a section to choose keys to change the layout. This sequence will rotate the layouts though, not go to a specific one.

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this seems like an old post, but at least in kubuntu 14.04 you can set shortcuts for each layout

example of setting english, hebrew and arabic with keyboard shortcuts

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