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Say there is 500Gb drive, hardly there is any use case which will require more than 100Gb for XP and programs installations.

So does it make any sense to keep separate partitions for OS and multimedia stuff?

The only reason is probably faster defragmentation of OS and programs partition, but as for me, i have never seen any considerable speed up after defragmentation.

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The best reason for separate partitions is that if you want to rebuild your OS and reinstall all your applications then you can simply reformat the OS partition and start again without affecting your media or other data files. If you have everything on a single partition then this isn't an option.

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Yes, and now hard drives are so cheap its easy enough to have a few media hard drives and a seperate physical drive for OS. I like this too because my media storage drives do not take a beat like the OS drive does. –  Chris Sep 10 '10 at 11:23

I would advise against splitting up into separate partitions. The problem is the OS partition can fill up pretty easily over time and leave you with space issues. Having two partitions buys you no performance increase since you have a single hard drive spindle.

I would just create a media folder on the root of C: and put all of your stuff in there.

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being that you are using windows xp (as a developer i found xp is an operating system which i was required to reinstall every 3 months or so, just to clear out the crap that had accumulated) i strongly suggest partitioning a separate xp only partition. i use 60 gig for my xp partition with office and other apps installed there.

be sure to keep original programs you download on your other (d:) partition so when you do need to reinstall, you have those programs without downloading again.

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I used to be a drive partition NUT! But I changed my mind after reading the manual for http://www.disktrix.com/UDFree.htm it's an excellent defrag tool and they have free and "pro" versions available. Make sure to read the PDF once you download and get installed. I wrote a short post on my blog if you are interested.

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