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I have a lot of audio backed up on 1&1 (a web host), as I have a ridiculously large amount of cheap space left over after my websites.

I uploaded these through Wise-FTP directly to my webspace in Binary mode.

I have found that downloading my mp3 files through a browser link work fine, however aac files retrieve nothing more than a 404.

I have tested this with IE, FF and Chrome, but at the end of the day, a 404 is a 404 regardless of browser.

I could convert my aac files to mp3s but would prefer not to. I can find no indication of this on the 1&1 website faqs, and was wondering if anyone could fathom why this would be happening.

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I suspect this may be a problem with your web server configuration.
If the files are on the server, you shouldn't get a 404 response but it's possible that the server is configured to not serve .aac files and to return an (erroneous) 404 page (or that something similar is happening on a proxy between you and the server).
You could try changing the file extension to .m4a and see if you have better luck - the file should still open in your music player if it does download.

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It's not configured for m4a's either apparently, but a rename to mp3 at least the 404 goes away and the browser down loads it. Thanks, at least I have a path to follow now. – lagerdalek Aug 7 '09 at 3:50

I suspected it's a mimetype issue. If you can set them with 1&1, the AAC mimetype should be "audio/aac" or "audio/x-aac".

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You shouldn't get a 404 if the mimetype is not registered - you should still get prompted to download if the file exists (and you can see it). You could check that the permissions on the files are read for everyone... – pelms Aug 5 '09 at 22:20
hm, that is true... – hyperslug Aug 7 '09 at 6:32

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