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What happened to my graphics card?


It happens after a while, and more in QT applications than in GTK. Lines don't disappear after moving the window or hiding it (forcing it to redraw).

My graphics card is Radeon 9200SE. I have two monitors attached to it. I use the radeon driver on Arch Linux.

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Looks like overheating to me! Could be a linux-specific issue I dont know of, though. – JNK Sep 10 '10 at 19:44
Peanut-Butter? +1 I agree it "looks" hot. But i doubt that is the real issue. unless this happens over time and a cold rig does not have this issue. -Does it artifact During the Post/BIOS?Bootstrap?GUI ?bootup/Spash? after launching an App or Just when its been running all day? – Lightly Salted Sep 10 '10 at 20:37
I have a dual monitor configuration with the exact (looks the same) phenomenon, but completely different hardware. Sony laptop with Intel Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller. Starting to think this is a higher layer software issue. Doesn't happen in Windows (dual boot). Ubuntu 11.10. – Tal Weiss Apr 4 '12 at 7:41
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Try a live boot CD and see if it happens with that too. I would guess it does, pointing at a hardware problem.

Your symptons look exactly like what I have experienced. I think that some of the tiny solder connections on your GPU have broken, which is a pretty common problem on laptop, X-Boxes and desktop PCs with poor case ventilation, as heat/cool action breaks the brittle solder.

What need to done (if this is the case) is a professional BGA reflow, which may not be worth it for an old graphics card. You can attempt it yourself, using a IR thermometer and heatgun (I've done this on a couple of ThinkPad laptops, once worked), and some people have even claimed done it by sticking it in the oven, or even by using a blowtorch (check YouTube).

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I have the exact same phenomenon (dual monitors) and this doesn't happen on Windows (dual boot). It doesn't smell like a hw problem to me. – Tal Weiss Apr 4 '12 at 7:37

I would say it's possibly an X-Window issue(or whatever desktop window rendering tool your using) since it shows up as a screenshot. Try a live CD and see if the same issue occurs.

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This is almost certainly a video RAM problem on the card. It's either overheating or defective. Clean out the case and make sure it's well ventilated. If not, try swapping the card.

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It's most likely overheating. I'd suggest checking the airflow of your system.

Have you tried reinstalling the drivers?

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