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I've had a screenrc that has worked for years on multiple boxes

caption always "%{kW}[%H]%{Wb} %-Lw%{kY}[ %n %t ]%{-}%+Lw %=%{kW}[%D %Y %m %d %c %]"

I've put my trusty .screenrc on a new box, and it seems as if %H no longer prints hostname. The color commands work (%{ky}) as well as the screen number (%n) & title (%t). just seems % outputs the same as %n, but only in some cases. The title shows up just fine. Colors show up just fine.

For debugging, i put this line in, and got the following output:

caption always " =%H= =%= =%n= =%t= "

 =0H= =0= =0= =bash=

UPDATE: it seems like %+w or %-w don't work either, tho %w does

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