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I am using Windows Vista and Magic Disc. Everytime I double click an ISO I want it to be mounted via Magic Disc. Is this possible? Defining a file association via the CP just spawns a new instance of Magic Disc.

Thank you for your time!

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I don't use that program myself, but according to this page indicates that miso.exe -mnt <drive letter> "path\to\iso" command line option will mount the specified.

You can specify the selected file when setting up a command line with %1, so the full command for the file association would be "c:\path\to\miso.exe" F: "%1".

You can set a custom command line for a file association with Default Programs Editor.

Go to File Type Settings -> Context Menu -> (.iso files). Then select the bolded default command and hit 'Edit'. Browse to the MagicDisc program, then append the F: "%1" part to the command.

If that command line parameter for Magic Disc is correct, that should set it as the default action when you double click .iso files.

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